4 Benefits that a Hummer Limousine can bring to Your Party

Are you planning a party? Whatever your special occasion is, renting a stretch hummer limousine can bring your party to perfection, because hummer limousines do more than just provide transportation. Here are 4 important benefits that a hummer limousine can bring to your party: Help you create a brilliant impression When we arrive at a party, everyone begins to evaluate us and within 7 seconds they have created a first impression of us. This first impression is usually permanent and sets the tone for the interaction that follows. Arriving at your party in a hummer limousine will help you create a flashy and stylish [...]

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How Much Is It to Hire a Hummer Limo

Hummer Limo Hire Melbourne Prices Finding a budget limo hire in Melbourne can be difficult, and a hummer limo hires in Melbourne prices differently depending on the time of year and your needs. How much is it to hire a Hummer limo? There’s no one answer, but Mr. Hummer offers highly competitive hummer hire prices and flexible options. Pricing for hummer limo hires in Melbourne depends on how long you will be needing the vehicle, the size of your party, the distance traveled, and the time and place where you’ll be needing the limo hire. Busier times of year can drive up prices due [...]

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Why you Want to Show up in a Hummer Limo

When you have a big day planned, you want to go all out. You go shopping and pick out the perfect outfit. You go to the salon and change your hairstyle. You make sure you and your entire entourage looks polished, but when the time comes to hit the scene there are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to be caught out in your own car. What you need is to ride into your event in style. And what stands out more and makes a louder statement than a hummer limousine. They’re big and they're bold. So, here’s why you want to head out [...]

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Mr Hummer Limousine

We find that first impressions last a lifetime, so we would like to guarantee you are given an experience that will not be forgotten. We have found a niche market to cater to who want style, presence, and service no other competitor can provide. Here at Mr. Hummer, we strive to not only make hiring a Hummer limousine service easy and affordable, but to be a marketing tool for that important business opening, or that entrance to a new milestone in your life. As the premier limousine service in Melbourne, you won’t find any other that is as dedicated as we are. Come [...]

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7 Tips For Affordable Hummer Limousine Hire in Melbourne

Are you planning to hire a limo but in a tight financial situation? Below are 7 tips that will enable you to find the best priced hummer hire company in Melbourne Victoria to secure the best limousine price. Seven Steps To Affordable Hummer Limousine Hire Prices in Melbourne Victoria. 1. Where conceivable, plan ahead. Doing this will give you plenty of time to search the best deals and get an affordable experience. It also gives you the best chances of securing the vehicle you desire for a better price. 2. Search around. Be watchful however to ensure you're contrasting like with like. Do not [...]

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Best Pink Hummer Limousine Hire In Melbourne

Are you looking for a Pink Hummer Limo for your next birthday, hen’s night or your big day? You can feel like a celebrity and know that people are turning to look as you pass by in a pink Hummer. They’re the perfect vehicle for treating bridesmaids, bachelorettes, and best friends to a great time! Hummers (especially a pink hummer) aren’t just eye-catching - They also offer luxurious and roomy interiors so you’ll all have plenty of space to relax and socialise on the way to the venue. Mr Hummer Limos has the pinkest of pink hummer limos ready for you to hire for [...]

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