Hummer Limo Hire Melbourne Prices

Finding a budget limo hire in Melbourne can be difficult, and a hummer limo hires in Melbourne prices differently depending on the time of year and your needs. How much is it to hire a Hummer limo? There’s no one answer, but Mr. Hummer offers highly competitive hummer hire prices and flexible options.

Pricing for hummer limo hires in Melbourne depends on how long you will be needing the vehicle, the size of your party, the distance traveled, and the time and place where you’ll be needing the limo hire.

Busier times of year can drive up prices due to a higher demand for hummer limo services. Most proms, Debutantes, and weddings happen in spring and summer, so fees tend to be higher around this time. If you want to get the cheapest hummer hire in Melbourne during the busy season, call at least a month in advance to ensure you’ll get the vehicles you need at the best price.

Pricing also depends on how the limo hire company handles round trips and cruises around popular areas. Mr. Hummer Limos offers winery tours and reduced pricing on return trips, but not all hummer limo hires are like that!

Hummer Limo Hire Melbourne Prices

Budget Limo Hire Quick Tips

  • Call early, at least a month in advance!
  • Know where you need to go and what you want out of a limo hire
  • Find out what’s included and what’s “extra”
  • Stick to popular areas in your itinerary so the driver doesn’t go “out of his/her way” – minimize the distance traveled
  • Find out the minimum booking price or rental time


Cheap Hummer Hire

Getting a cheap hummer hire requires some research ahead of time. An affordable hummer hire may require some compromises on your end, but a good hummer limo hire company will work with you to find the best options for you. Plan your trip and get an estimate, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

You can also save money by being open to different vehicles and service packages. The luxury hummer limo model is obviously going to be more expensive! Features like Wi-Fi, refreshments, and other services can bump up the price. Keep those services for a party or tour, but they may not be necessary for a quick trip like transporting wedding guests to a venue.

Perhaps one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is by looking for hummer limo hires that offer party package services. Mr. Hummer has partnered with licensed venues in Melbourne to offer Hen’s Night and Buck’s Night packages you’ll never forget! A great experience is priceless, after all!

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