Are you planning to hire a limo but in a tight financial situation?
Below are 7 tips that will enable you to find the best priced hummer hire company in Melbourne Victoria to secure the best limousine price.

Seven tips to Affordable Hummer Limousine Hire in Melbourne

Seven Steps To Affordable Hummer Limousine Hire Prices in Melbourne Victoria.

1. Where conceivable, plan ahead.

Doing this will give you plenty of time to search the best deals and get an affordable experience. It also gives you the best chances of securing the vehicle you desire for a better price.

2. Search around.

Be watchful however to ensure you’re contrasting like with like. Do not hire services that risk your safety or offer a bad service, check out the reviews of the company, check out their testimonials. You can find Mr Hummers testimonials on our Facebook or google+ page as well as on our Mr Hummer testimonials page on our website.

3. Hire by the hour.

Not all limousine hire organizations offer this sort of arrangement however some do. Mr Hummer is proud to be able to give you the best hourly rate of any hummer hire company in Melbourne that provides a services like ours. This could spare you a considerable measure over those ‘minimum half-day contract’ and other payment plans.

4. Take advice.

Rather than simply ringing with your own particular form of what you see as the solution, why not pass your prerequisites to the limousine organization. They specialize in working with customers to get the best results. Mr Hummer along with any good limousine company work hard to build up a great regular customer base. This means we work hard to provide the best service we can for our customers. We can help you think of the most practical answer for your limo hire. You may be astonished at how adaptable the right company can be.

5. Share the expense.

If you can get partners or companions included and split the expense with them, it’ll clearly be easier on your wallet. When you take into consideration our hummer limos can fit up to 18 people the price per head becomes very competitive even against vans, taxi’s and bus hire.

6. Try not to get focused on a given vehicle.

This is linked to point “4” above and includes not requesting the most prestigious (and accordingly costly) model the supplier has in their fleet because it’s the most alluring. All our Hummers at Mr Hummer Limousines are great vehicles and can be used in many transportation situations. If you really want a certain vehicle for your rental then we will let you know if its available as soon as you get on the phone. 0418 309 366

7. Manage your schedule to minimize contract time.

Requesting that extravagant H2 Hummer to stand around sitting tight for you can be costly. In this way, if you can present a meeting forward or set it back with the goal that it dovetails better into your schedule, you’ll require the limo for less time and that will spare cash. Also remember that we do reduced rates for return trips!


In opposition to what you may believe, affordable limousine hire is possible and we are happy to tell our potential customers to shop around because we know our limousine services is the best quality for the best price.

If you want to save some time looking around and cut to the chase, call Dan on 0418 309 366. You can also check out our Mr Hummer Facebook page or our Melbourne Mr Hummer Google+ Business Page for reviews and testimonials.

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